Unfettered Musings

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I'm back!

I have no excuse for my absence, except that the charged political atmosphere before and right after the election caused me a large amount of stress, so I had to get away for a while and rest my mind. I absolutely believe Christians have a responsibility to be involved, but their involvement must be tempered with the knowledge that, no matter what happens, He is ultimately in control. I think I lost sight of that.

But I digress.....

I am still reeling from the decision that SCOTUS issued in regard to the 5th Amendment, and their apparent "broadening" (read: altering) of the terms "public use" and "just compensation". I was searching for reference material for this entry when I ran across this article, written before the decision was handed down. It is a bit of historical background re: land ownership in America. It's a good article, I recommend it highly.

I don't know about you, but this decision really stole the thunder from my July 4th revelry.