Unfettered Musings

Saturday, November 13, 2004

The NY Times and Kofi Annan.......one can always count on them for a hearty laugh....

....or a disgusted groan.

Is George Bush's pertinacious leadership responsible for the accomplishments in Iraq? Is the bravery of the U.S. military and the troops of our REAL allies accreditable? What about all of the Iraqis who have fought and died for their homeland? Do they get some of the credit? Not in Kofi Annan's little world. Who is responsible for the great strides made in Iraq toward freedom and self-governing?
Why Kofi Annan, of course.

Radio Blogger is reporting a piece from the NY Times in which Kofi Annan is trying desperately, once again, to prove that he and the U.N. serve a purpose.

Here is the enlightening excerpt:

"Without being boastful," he (Annan) said, "I think that except for these activities of ours, we would not have moved as far as we have, whether it was the establishment of an interim Iraqi government or the preparation for the elections. I think our role has been essential, and not one that is played by an organization that is irrelevant."

Head on over to Radio Blogger to read more of the article. Be prepared to be thoroughly disgusted.