Unfettered Musings

Thursday, November 11, 2004

My family adopted a soldier.

Well, we don't have his name yet, but we applied yesterday to adopt a dear deployed or wounded soldier from Soldier's Angels. I urge you to do the same. They ask that you send your soldier a card or letter a week and at least 2 care packages a month. Such a small gesture to show the soldiers how much we love them and appreciate their sacrifice, and that we are behind them 100%. Please at least go to the link and look around. You can also give a one time gift of $35 to buy an already assembled "first response" package for a wounded soldier. According to the site a wounded soldier doesn't get his personal belongings for up to several weeks, and in that time only has what he came in with. It is a great opportunity to supply a soldier with basic necessities like boxers, socks, toiletries, etc.. I can't imagine a more worthy cause than this. Please consider adopting a soldier, or giving a one time gift. Our men and women need our support.