Unfettered Musings

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Is it any wonder that some people think we Christians are kool-aid drinkers....

....with things like this going on in the world?
Devout Catholics, step right up and get your grilled cheese Mary sandwich! For a mere $15,099 it can be yours!


Hat Tip: End Tymes

Update: It is now up to $22,085. One could make a whole lot of grilled cheese sandwiches of the non-Marian variety to feed the hungry with that much money......

Update 2: The current high kool-aid drin....er...bidder is black02wrx. This ebayer has a perfect feedback score, so one can only assume he/she is serious about paying $22,000 for a cheese sandwich.

Update 3: Ah oh!! It looks like our high bidder chickened out, or perhaps he was turned down for financing? His bids have been removed and the going price is back down to $15,099. The new high bidder, zed_yakuza, has 0 feedback, so we'll have to bide our time to see if he actually intends to pay 15k the holy cheese sandwich. Stay tuned!

UPDATE 4!!: They are dropping like flies! Our new high bidder, zed_yazuka, has withdrawn his bid, and the price is now down to a more reasonable 2K. (2k for a stupid cheese sandwich, you say? Well, compared to 22k it is a tad more reasonable, no?) We'll keep a close eye on the brand new high bidder, say10808, to see if he/she caves under the pressure and retracts his/her bid. Alas, this ebayer has no feedback on which to base his reliability, so we are forced to wait and see if he intends to honor his $2000 pledge for the revered sandwich. This is more exciting than a football game! Stay tuned! :oP

Update 5: Well.......our high bidder, say10808, has caved. The high bid is now $51 and comes from the ebayer ahorn78. Admittedly, the sandwich is intriguing, so I can see a novelty value of $50 for the holy hoagie. (I know, I did reach quite a bit for that silly sobriquet. :oP) Evidently the current owner disagrees, since $51 doesn't satisfy the reserve on the item. I sure hope the seller hadn't made any big plans for his dwindling fortune.
I did note that the retractors all listed their reason for retraction as "Entered wrong bid amount". How does one accidentally type in $21,985? The bids for $25,000 and $14,999 MAYBE. "I had a grand mal seizure just my finger hit the 9, and when I came out of it I had somehow clicked on 'enter bid amount'". Something tells me these former high bidders are opportunists who were using this very high publicity auction to advertise their own interests. As an ebay junkie, I will be remembering their names and will avoid doing business with them in the future. I would suggest that all ebayers do likewise.

Update 6: I just couldn't resist another update. A lot has happened since my last one. Ebay yanked the auction, and then reconsidered and relisted it. You can read the news story here. The seller has at least wised up and made it a private auction, meaning that neither the name of the buyer nor that of any of the bidders will be disclosed. That takes a whole lot of the fun out of it, but I'll keep an eye on it to see just how much someone is willing to pay for the sandwich even if we'll never know who the kool-aid drinker is. Incidentally, the starting price on the item is now $3000. What a joke. Luckily, the seller can't make herself anonymous, so we can still subject her to public humiliation for selling such an absurd item for an absurd amount of money.

Update 7: The new auction has already kicked off to an exciting start. There have been 4 bids, and already one retraction. Another dolt bid a ridiculously high amount, $14,999, and then retracted stating "entered wrong amount". We've already been through this, so I won't point out how ludicrous that assertion is. The current bid is $5,100. (Well, at least shipping is a modest $10 :oP.)

Update 8: I think I may have found our new bid retractor. Our old buddy, say10808, now has 2 retractions on his/her record. This ebayer bid and retracted on the first auction before it was pulled. Do ya suppose? ;)

9: Up to $7600 now with over 6 days left. Wonder how many will retract in the end.....I'm going to email and find out if she has any Joseph chicken noodle soup to go with it. Mmmmmmmmmmm............

10: No answer on the Joseph soup yet.....but the bidding is up to over $17,000. Things happening too fast to post updates, so just keep watching here.