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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Annan wasn't aware of son's oil-for-food link

Annan Unaware of Son's Oil-For-Food Link

1 hour, 2 minutes ago

By EDITH M. LEDERER, Associated Press Writer

UNITED NATIONS - Secretary-General Kofi Annan said he was unaware his son received $30,000 a year for over five years from a Swiss-based company under investigation in connection with suspected corruption in the U.N. oil-for-food program in Iraq.

There is more to read at the link.

Two things right of the top of my head:

1. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...........*VERY exaggerated rolling of eyes* I believe him, don't you? *another very exaggerated rolling of eyes*

2. How does the author, Edith M. Lederer, know that Kofi was unaware? Because he said so? If it were Bush or another of the liberal msm's favorite punching bags, is there any doubt that the headline would read "Bush claims he wasn't aware", or "(Fill in name of punching bag here) alleges he had no knowledge" or "'Conservative poster child' (and therefore the mortal enemy of the U.N. and all we raving liberals hold dear) says he didn't know, but we know better, don't we? *wink wink*"?
Ok, the last one was a bit of an exaggeration. Sort of.

Update: Ok, ok. I know that journalists don't name their own pieces. So, I would have to change the question to: "How does Edith M. Lederer's editor know that Kofi was unaware?"
There, ya happy now? :D