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Friday, October 29, 2004

UBL rears his ugly head.......in time to make some democratic talking points?

Is UBL campaigning for Kerry? Some of his comments give one pause.

He also appears to be a Michael Moore fan.

UBL's latest release was more than strange. As one commentator on Fox said, it sounded like he was trying to be media savvy. This wasn't the UBL we've seen in past messages. It was eerie to me, but not the same brand of eerie that I usually feel after one of these monsters resurfaces to make another crazy demand and/or declaration.
As if hearing from the murderer isn't bad enough, AP reports that government officials are warning that this latest tape my be a signal to attack.
From the article:

"A government official, who has been briefed on current threat intelligence, said that all the attack scenarios considered by government analysts include such a message.

"The one piece they were waiting for is some kind of bin Laden videotape. And now they've got it," the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. 'This has everybody on edge.'"

I urge everyone to pray.

Drudge has a partial transcript of the video.

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