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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Kerry's criticism of our military....

Hugh Hewitt (whose blog is first on my morning list of must-read blogs) reports that his latest column for The Daily Standard, titled The Commander-in-Chief is up. I encourage you to read it. He makes some very good points about Kerry's criticism of our military, thinly diguised as Bush criticism.

From the article:

"JOHN KERRY now closes his presidential campaign exactly as he opened his political life: Attacking the United States military.

Thirty-three years ago, before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he indicted the soldiers of Vietnam as war criminals, the heirs of Genghis Khan.

This week he embraced an already discredited account of missing munitions to attack the reputation of the 3rd Infantry Division and the 101st Airborne. Make no mistake, that is exactly what Kerry is doing when he asserts that deadly weapons went unsecured and unreported as these two divisions rushed to liberate Baghdad. And not just these divisions, but every officer and soldier who had a hand in drawing up the war plan. If the negligence that Kerry charges the military with was real, additional troops would not have made a difference. The initial search would still have been conducted by the 3rd I.D. and the site pronounced clear. The 101st would still have spent 24 hours in the munitions complex before moving on. Kerry cannot avoid owning the latest of many slanders he has launched at the military as a means of wounding the president."

More at the link.....