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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Bloggers get blamed for everything.....

The whole civilized world has heard of the "story that couldn't" that rocked the New York Times Monday. Now we're getting updates and conflicting information at breakneck speed it seems.
Almost immediately, NBC came forward and said that it had a correspondent, Lai Ling Jew, embedded with the Army's 101st Airborne, Second Brigade, who reported that no explosives were found at the site when it was searched.
That did not stop John Kerry from seizing upon the opportunity to slam Bush for what he called "stunning incompetence", and to immediately release an ad saying the same.
Since then the stories have been flying like stray bullets. It has been alleged that the IAEA leaked this story to try to cover up it's own inadequacies, and that Russia may have helped the Iraqis move the explosives before the war began and that there weren't as many explosives as was alleged. Today MSNBC is reporting that a militant group claims to have the explosives and that Russia denies any involvement.

In the mess of conflicting stories and accounts, one thing that is clear to even the most casual observer is that the original report by the New York Times was incomplete and misleading at BEST. Their reason for rushing this story without adequate investigation? "Bloggers made us do it."

Update: Is it any wonder that Tom Brokaw hates us so much? Being held accountable for the information that one reports is such a pain in the rear. I can just hear all the old talking heads behind closed doors, pining for the good old days when they could say whatever they pleased with little or no recourse and no one to keep them accountable.
Thank God for bloggers. Keep up the good work!

Update 2: If anyone knows where I can find Kerry's ad blaming Bush for the missing explosive please post the link in comments section. I can't seem to locate it.

Update 3: I found the ad on Kerry's site. Now I'm going to go bathe and try to wash off the disgust.

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